Optional Electives

Fun Bus

The Fun Bus, Fitness FUN on Wheels, is an exciting, interactive program that brings FUN, fitness and learning to children everywhere. Stretches, obstacle courses, tumbling, climbing, swinging and jumping all make the stationary green bus one of the children’s favorite electives. (*parent paid)

Ballet Enrichment Program

Taught by Kristin Mazon, owner/director, of the Glass Slippers Dance studio, the class is designed as an introduction to dance. The class will explore movement through music, stimulate student’s imagination and promote creativity. It will also give them an understanding of basic ballet vocabulary. (* parent paid)

Speed Soccer Finding Feet Program

The “Finding Feet” program is an introduction to a soccer-specific environment.  Centered on a holistic approach to learning with an emphasis on having fun, the program ensures the players learn new skills in an exciting way. (* parent paid)


The Piano School of New York brings an early introduction of music and piano skills to your child. During small group classes, children are encouraged to develop a love for music and build a strong foundation for future piano lessons. (* parent paid)